Pilates Stretches


When I first started practicing yoga, it was in a group setting which I enjoyed so much and also learned a lot. There were times when certain asanas or advanced movements felt out of reach so I started to work one on one with senior teachers to be able to go over things in greater detail and bridge the gap. 

My training sessions are personalized and tailored just for you and now with our ever growing resources, I can work with you online from anywhere around the world!

If you are new to yoga, pilates or looking to learn how to handstand and move better/feel better, I am happy to work with you.

Working privately allows you to practice at your own pace in an environment where you feel safe and to be able to develop your practice. 

Let's set a time to connect to see if we match. 

Yoga Class


1 Session       $90
5 Session       $400

10 Sessions   $750
20 Sessions   $1400

Sessions will be done either over Zoom or at my home studio. In-home privates can be done for an additional charge. For group privates, we can arrange on the amount of participants.

Meditation Class